Send them love with Food

Covid-19 pandemic will go down in history as one of the biggest medical crises affecting mankind. We are facing unprecedented changes and challenges, which underscores the importance of having an effective and well-coordinated humanitarian response.

Yayasan Food Bank Malaysia strategic response and preparedness plan will see us providing food assistance to affected parties.Your donation will help us reach out to those in need in these challenging times!

Yayasan Food Bank Malaysia’s Covid-19 Emergency Fund is to provide food assistance to those affected. Each family food box consist of basic food items and other non-perishable food supplies worth of 1 week of groceries.

We are in this together. Let us all do our bit to make a difference.

#KitaJagaKita #MalaysiaPrihatin #YayasanFoodBankMalaysia

* For tax exemption receipt, send in your proof of payment along with your details.>>Please click here <<

Any questions can be contacted directly through email at or 011-3767 0600 (WhatsApp).

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